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SusieTours Specialized Tours

SusieTours specializes in creating fabulous tour packages in Israel with your interests in mind. Your tour package can include visiting the incredible list of cities and sites throughout the country, as well as special theme tours.  From Kosher Culinary to Technology and Sports, Israel has something for everyone.  Just choose one or more of these great tour ideas and depending on your schedule, I will create a customized tour to you and your family will remember for a lifetime!

Credit to Bartov, Magel, Ittal & Kassif

Technology Tours   

Israel is such a small country with BIG technological ideas and advances celebrated world-wide.  Depending on your schedule we can experience: Igudan, a waste-water recycling plant, the Electric company tour, a BioBee Pest Management tour, the wonders of Weizmann's Institute, an Ashdod Port tour, Mekorot pumping station at national carrier. But don't forget Israel's ancient technology such as walking through Hizkiyahu's (Hezekiah) tunnel in the City of David, Neot Kedumim Biblical Landscape reserve or visit the Roman aqueduct at Caesarea.

Archeology and History

Israel is a treasure trove of archaeological finds, it’s easy to learn, touch and feel the ancient history of Israel through its archeology. Depending on your schedule, you can discover: Jerusalem with the largest ongoing archaeological site at the Givati parking lot adjacent to the City of David, while excavated sites under the Israel Nature and Parks Authority such as Beit Guvrin, Masada, Beit Shean, Megiddo, Caesarea, Akko, Herodian, Qumran, Tel Dan, Gamla, Zippori, Beit Shearim and the list just goes on and on can be visited anytime.

Active Tours

Take any area of Israel and you will find a veritable gold mine of active tours and sports to meet the demands of very age and level of fitness.  Depending on your schedule we can experience: jeep tours, climbing walls, shooting ranges, visits to an army base, zipline, rafting, kayaking, boating, hot-air ballooning, sky-diving, paint-ball and hiking on the hundreds of marked trails covering Israel from Metulla to Eilat and from the Mediterranean Sea to the Kinneret.


Looking for extreme sports? Click here:

Creative Tours

Israel has never lost its sense of beauty and creativity.  If you love hands-on arts and creative workshops, Israel has so much to offer.  Depending on your schedule we can take workshops and experience: wood painting at kakadu, making jewelry and other items with fusion glass, pottery, pita and artisan bread baking, candy and chocolate workshops, soap cake factory, spinning and weaving, cheese making, wood working workshops and home-made glass works. Workshops and artisan shops and galleries are found throughout the country.


Kosher Culinary Tours

Israel is definitely on the kosher culinary map with wineries, micro-breweries, restaurants with foods from around the world and around the corner, street-food and so much more.  Depending on your schedule we can experience: a chocolate workshop, boutique winery, microbrewery, guided walks through some of Israel’s wonderful shuks (markets) Shuk Machane Yehuda in Jerusalem, Shuk Ha’Carmel and Sarona Market in Tel Aviv, sushi workshops and goat cheese farms, salad trail and artisan bread workshops, as well as pastry and marzipan workshops, just to name a few.

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