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SusieTours Itinerary Planning Services

Did you know that you shouldn't shave for three days (!) before dipping into the Dead Sea? Through my years as a tour guide I've shared with my clients both my love of Israel and my intimate knowledge of the best ways to enjoy everything Israel has to offer. That "not shaving before going to the Dead Sea" rule has helped many a tourist fully enjoy a dip into the salt water.
In addition to guiding families, groups and individuals, I provide Itinerary Planning Services. Why is this service so important? No matter where you live in the world, I'm here, on the ground in Israel, and I help ensure that you understand the traveling time between one place or site to another, I'll check if there are English speaking tours and make reservations (where possible). I make site reservations and arrange transportation. I help you understand the myriad of religions, customs and cultures found at different sites, the acceptable dress codes, latest information on closing times, availability and reservations during high season and holidays and what are the best days of the week to visit.
How do I work? Once you hire me, I create a calendar of your planned arrival and departures dates. We then discuss your bucket list of places to see and things to do and then I go to work. I ask the important questions that will impact your visit: who are the people in your party, are there young children, teenagers, older people; are there people with food allergies or mobility issues or even phobias. My itinerary planning services are customized to match, as best as possible, your wishes and needs.
I also want you to enjoy your stay in Israel as a vacation and include time to visit family and friends, beach time, lazy-long breakfast time and shopping time. I include everything in an easy-to-follow calendar that is downloadable, updatable and printable.
Contact me today to plan your dream trip to Israel.

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