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Susietours Broad Wall Jerusalem

Old City of Jerusalem

Jerusalem, or Jerusalem of Gold, is the holiest city on earth, with thousands of years of rich history. With only four miles of 500 year old walls wrapped around the Old City, Jerusalem is jam-packed with a myriad of sites.  Jerusalem is Judaism's spiritual center and where all prayers are focused. Nestled just south of the Temple Mount, is the City of David, steeped in tradition, this area must be visited to experience. 

Jerusalem light rail

New City of Jerusalem

The new city of Jerusalem 'only' started developing around 160 years ago, and it's a thriving, bustling city with a treasure trove of places to visit and explore. You will visit the outdoor markets, the museums, take in the views, learn about the architecture, hear amazing stories of Israel's modern history, tales of heroism and taste fabulous dishes of many cultures that call Israel home. Together we will explore and discover this special city.

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