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April 2023 is a month full to the brim with celebrations, memorial days and Israel Independence Day

Israel's Independence  Day celebrations begin as Memorial Day ends on the eve of April 25th, with celebrations through the night and well into April 26th.

Pesach (Passover) begins Wednesday April 5th at sundown and is celebrated through Wednesday April 12th at sundown

Bulletin Board

The sights and sounds of Israel

A Bar Mitzvah procession  on the way to the Kotel in Jerusalem
The sights and sounds of Shuk Ha'Carmel, one of the open air markets in Tel Aviv
Flashfloods in the Arava credit by Arava films

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"Susie is a blessing for anyone that wants to see all that Israel has to offer, but doesn’t have much time to do all the leg work to make it happen.  Our family decided that it was time to visit Israel again,

but we did not have much time to plan a trip.  We found Susie to be a truly passionate guide that tailored our visit to Israel to meet our needs..."

David and Robin Gould, Potomac, Maryland, USA

My family and I had an amazing time exploring Jerusalem with Susie Ben-David.  Susie is extremely knowledgeable and tailored our tour to accommodate our family on a very hot day. I would recommend her for anyone wishing to understand the Jewish history of Jerusalem. 

L. Miller, Ohio, USA 

 ISRAEL IS: Spiritual. Ancient. Majestic. Modern. Ecology. Olive oil.Beaches. Amazing. Olives. Felafel. Mountains. Traffic. Music. Heritage. Valleys. Awesome. Craters. Chummus. Breathtaking. Desalination. Camels. Culture. Discovery. Wildlife. Family. Medicine. Gazelles. Pomegranates. Hills. Aromas. Hiking. Archaeology. Laughter. Vistas. Theatre. Holy. Desert. Sea. Stunning. Spas. Markets. Dance. Festivals. Inspiring. Marathons. Children. People. Art. Cuisine. Technology. Experience. Moshav. Drip Irrigation. Hi-tech. Biblical.  Kibbutz.


Come with me and discover Israel one step at a time.

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